How could Saleh smuggle his family out of Yemen

Ali Abd Saleh
Mosnad - Special Coverage   [ الإثنين, 12 ديسمبر, 2016 11:24:00 مساءً ]

A Saudi newspaper on monday said that the former president Ali Abd Alah Saleh smuggled his family, after the conflict with Houthi armed militants.
"Saleh smuggled all of his family members out of Yemen, as only his son Khaled and nephew Tarek Muhhamed Saleh are still in Yemen", Sources confirmed to "El Watan".
Sources said that recent conflicts between deposed president and Houthis, and before declaration of so-called reconcilation government, Houthis tried to assisnate Saleh, so the deposed president start arranging to smuggle his family. Sources also confirmed that after consolation hole accident, deposed president move his family to neighbor countries with ambulance airplanes.
"after Houthi militants Knew deposed president intentions, the militants urgantly put checkpoints in all Sana'a and airport areas and overland port, as they worry about Saleh tactics", Sources added.
This comes to confirm what deposed persident previously planned for, as he allowed to alot of familey and relatives travelling abroad, and prevented untrusted from leaving
according to the newspaper, Among the families that allowed to leave the country. the family of Yasser El Awady, who nominated to be minister in the coup reconciliation government, beside Abd El Rahman AL Akwaa, Ali Maksi and number of members of El Kady family, in addition to other families that has relations with his son and other sons.

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