Sharing agreemnets in "Repuplican Guards".. Makola as a head and Houthis negotiate on 3 brigades

speech Houthi militants on the appointments
Mosnad – Exclusive   [ الأحد, 11 ديسمبر, 2016 07:14:00 مساءً ]

 Source in Houthi group in Sana'a reveals that the former president Ali Abd Alalh Saleh and the militants appoint Mahdi Makola as head of Republican Guards (the armed elements affiliated to Saleh)
"Saleh negotiate with Houthi militants to appoint heads of air forces brigade which affiliated to coup militants, till now they partially agreed on appointing of Makola as head of Saleh-affiliated Repuplican Guards", An exclusive source said to Mosnad.
Source added that both sides still have some objections on the names of the heads of three brigade which lays on Naham, Arhab and Bani Hashesh, those brigade are the largest in the so- called Saleh- affiliated Repuplican Guards, as Houthi still insist on appoint Abd El Kahlek El Houthi as a head of these brigades, Saleh sharply refuse that..
Saleh Criticized in his latest speech Houthi militants on the appointments in governmental institutaions, and said that his Houthi allies seek to clear his elements in his part.


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