President Hady menaces Aden camp attackers

The president Hady Mansour
MOSNAD NEWS -ADEN   [ الأحد, 11 ديسمبر, 2016 12:39:00 صباحاً ]

The president Hady Mansour menaces who called them criminal elements carried out the sucidal bomb which target El Solban camp in Aden, and affirmed that he will prosecute them and thier supporters
{The Sacrficies our people and his brave resistance and security and military elements do will not be wasted}  President Hady in his consolation to victims families.
hady added: Sacrficies will be so expensive and clear terorist cells and its supporters, who randomly try to destablize the security of Aden and the stabality of its citizens.
The president expressed his sorrow and consolation to families of Martyrs and injured persons who was targted by this treachery terrorist operation which killed innocent youth in Khor Maksar in temporary capital Aden.
The president confirmed that the stablity of Aden, its social unity, the governmental activities, executive leadership and its unity with citizen, which apeared in in its most beautiful state outraged the forces of darkness and its supporters and who carries out bomb attacks which aganist princples and religious doctrines.
{Human will and life lovers will win aganist its enemies} added Hady.
Hady stressed on the necessity of strengthen the cooperation between the security systems and citiznes, who achieve the victory in our people battles aganist the enemies of life in different cases.
The president ordered in this field to form investigation commitie for urgent to  know the results of the treachery terrorist and weak points and errors, in order to do what it takes.
Hady expressed his consolation to families of Martyrs and ordered to cure the injured people and provide them with full healthy care.

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