Ma'reb international way is main “artery” to smuggle weapons to Militants

governorates under legitimacy control.
MOSNAD NEWS -MAREB   [ السبت, 10 ديسمبر, 2016 10:37:00 مساءً ]

A high level military general in Yemen army revealed one of the ways of smuggling weapons, which Houthi militants and The former president Ali Abd Alah Saleh use to pass it into governorates under legitimacy control
The leader of the third military area Military Staff General Adel El Kamery said that 80% of the smuggling weapons which passed throw Ma'reb Way, are being controlled, it consists of spare parts come between other haulage, on purpose to deceive the military and security equipments of legitimacy forces, showing that a lot of these controlled weapons are under Investigation
The General pointed to that Houthi militants after receiving  these spare parts, they reinstall and convert it into weapons, and these equipments are used to make rockets, reconnaissance planes and military- related communications. He also affirms that there is another arrested  smuggling weapons truck in one of the military check points in Sana'a east Ma'reb, as it was in its way to Houthi militants two days ago
El Kamery confirmed that most of the arrested trucks come from the east coast of the Yemen border with Oman, and there are smuggling operations are being carried out from other Yemen coasts
According to El Kamery, The smuggling weapons which passes to coup militants, delivered to them with support of countries he didn't unveal
 80% El Kamery refers the delay of freeing Sarwah, which is controlled by the legitimacy forces to some factors, such as timing, coordination between the Arab alliance and the resistance and preparing the necessary equipments to carry out operation to storm the areas which dominated by the coup militants    

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