scream.. Houthi millitans kills student in Yemen

the Houthi Scream
MOSNAD NEWS -ZEMAR   [ السبت, 10 ديسمبر, 2016 09:02:00 مساءً ]

Houthi Militants have killed a child in his school after students refused repeating the Houthi Scream “The anthem of the group that affiliated to Iran”, in a shool in Zemar govrnorate.
  Local source nourth Zemar said to Mosnad that the child Mesha'l Muhammed Saleh Moshref “12 years” killed today in El Mahfad School in  Mohkdra by Houthi gunmen.
 Source explained Houthi gunmen went to the school morning and forced students to celebrateThe birth of Prophet Muhammed day, the school officals accepted to celebrate with no objection.
 “while celebrating, one of the Houthi gunmenwanted to exploit this occasion by saying some speechs and racist and sectarian slogans, and asked the “. students to repeat the scream for thier media documentation “, source added.
Source added “The students refused to repeat the Houthi screa, as it doesn't linked to the birth og The Prophet Muhammed Traditions, the situation of the students outraged Militants gunmen and and make some of them open their weapons fire on the students randomly, one of their pullets killed the student Mesha'l.
In its Side. The family of the student refused to receive his dead body before the prosecutor come and linked officals to arrest the killes.

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